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We're here to help answer any questions you may have about our club and its services.

Here are some common questions and answers to get you started:

Do I have to be a member to come to Crush Yard?

Nope! Our restaurant, bar, and pickleball courts are open to the public. We have a membership program featuring some sweet benefits and discounts, but we are very far from "members only".

What levels of Membership are available?

There are two different levels of Crush Yard membership. The Crush Membership is for pickleball players that want to join our daily Crush Members Only Play Sessions and really get into the game. The Yard Membership is available for those that are less intense about the game, but still want to fully enjoy what Crush Yard has to offer.

Is Crush Membership limited?

Yes. We are limiting the membership to several hundred Members. We will assess how many Members we can accept on an ongoing basis while keeping the courts reasonably accessible for play.

What is court rental pricing?

  • 6am - 11am: Crush Members have exclusive use of our courts with no need for reservations. After 11am, Crush Members and those with Guest Passes are welcome to play on any unreserved court and we always hold at least one court open.
  • Monday-Thursday, 11am - 11pm: $24 per hour for Crush Members, $43 per hour for Yard Members, and $48 per hour for all others.
  • Friday-Sunday, 11am - Close: $48 per hour for everyone.

Can I reserve a court in advance?

Yes. Crush Members will have access to 4-week advance reservations. Yard Members can reserve a court two weeks in advance. Non-members can reserve courts 1 week in advance. Court reservations are not available during daily 6am to 11am Crush Members Only Play Sessions. Courts can be reserved anytime between 11am and 11pm, though.

Can Crush Members bring guests to Crush Members Only Play Sessions?


  • Guest Passes cost $9 per guest per day.
  • You can buy 10 guest passes per month. Unused passes do not roll over to the next month.
  • There will be a limit on the total number of guests that can come on any given day, so you’ll have to see if there’s availability on that day.
  • We do not guarantee availability for guests.
  • You can bring multiple guests, as long as there’s availability and you buy a pass for each one.

Can I cancel my Crush Membership?

Yes. You can cancel both kinds of membership at any time. Your membership will end at the end of the currently monthly payment period.

As a Member, do I get discounts on other things?

Yes. Both kinds of Members get discounts on equipment rental, retail purchases, and classes and lessons.

How do I delete my Crush Yard mobile app (created by Crushyard Inc.) account and the associated data?

The easiest way to delete your account is to log into the Crush Yard mobile app, chose “Account details“, and then choose “Delete account“. This will immediately delete any data (name, email address, etc.) that is held by Crush Yard directly. Anonymized usage information derived from your actions may still be held in Google Analytics. Anonymized logging information related to your app or website usage may still be held in Amazon Web Services or the logging platform. Personally-identifiable data related to your purchases may still be held in the Stripe payment platform. Please follow this procedure to delete data from Stripe.

You can also request deletion or get assistance by sending an email to

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